We invite you to indulge in a traditional massage or treatment within our atmospheric  open-plan spa. Linger to the soothing sounds and scents of Balinese music and exotic incense.

Allow our skilled therapists to indulge you with intuitive touch and the curative properties of traditional Balinese and ‘four hand’ massages, Balinese facials, reflexology, reiki, manicures and pedicures. We utilise only premium essential oils, and pure, natural products, created by the famous Bali Spa Factory and composed of native fruits, plants, nuts and rice powder. Our Spa is equipped with single and double treatment areas, as well as an oversized soaking tub for flower petal baths. Here, the gentle spirituality of Bali flows through every facet of every treatment, generating a distinctly enriching experience.

Set in the heart of the Resort’s idyllic garden, and honouring the ancient remedies of the island, our heavenly spa exemplifies our philosophy of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Approached via a bridge over a tropical pond, the design is timeless and aesthetically beautiful, in keeping with the peaceful setting. The architecture of the circular open-sided pavilion is inspired by the curvilinear forms of sacred geometry, with a conical grass roof, teakwood pillars, and a floor featuring a mosaic mandala fashioned from natural-hued pebbles. Accented in purple and gold, the picture is completed with intricately-carved, richly-painted Balinese doors and shutters, stone statues and bas-relief tableaux depicting goddesses and protective guardians as well as heroes and heroines drawn from the mythical world of the Balinese Hindu heritage.