Welcome to our enchanting seaside retreat, situated in a traditional fishing village in East Bali. Here, local life continues in much the same way as it has always done; every night the fishermen go out in their colourful ‘jukung’ boats, returning to the beach at dawn with a bounty of fresh fish.  

In 2010, while we were looking for land, we were led to a coconut grove beside the sea. It was atmospheric, mystical and serene. In fact, the energy was almost tangible, a feeling of harmony with the environment and all of nature’s elements. It felt like home. Our 11-room Resort & Spa was conceived, designed and nurtured with love. We were determined not to cut down any of the 40 towering coconut palms, which is the reason why some of these trees extend through the roofs of the buildings, while others are interwoven within the flow of the curving pathways.

We hope you will enjoy the flavours of our superb Restaurant, which is blessed with an intoxicating view of the volcanic-sand beach and the Lombok Strait. Our kitchen team is comprised of ladies from the neighbouring village and we have taught them how to prepare and cook Western cuisine, as well as all of the local specialties that they do so well. Meanwhile, in the heart of the Resort, our pampering Spa invites you to renew your sense of wellbeing with an indulgence that will ease your fatigue, stimulate your senses and awaken your spirit.

Our ultimate desire is to give you an authentic and unforgettable experience in a setting far removed from the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourism. Here, in the gentle surroundings of a Balinese Palm Garden complete with temple shrines to safeguard the residents, you will feel the presence of the Hindu spirit, and you will be lulled to sleep by the rhythmic murmur of the waves on the beach. Furthermore, you will be looked after by our ‘family’ of Balinese staff, whose genuine service, sincerity and grace, will both surprise and delight you.

We hope that the magic of Palm Garden will enchant and inspire you, and we wish you a wonderful stay. 

Orlando and Anni